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Hi, everybody. I made a game for everyone. There's no blood. There are no genitals. The protagonist is gay.The game has an arcade top view, there is a horror in the first person. There are races. A lot of puzzles and traps. The game has a story in each Chapter, videos. The game has a lot of levels. I put my heart into this game. In Games only have to be only bisexual? I was hoping the game I made would appeal to everyone. I borrowed money to release the game. This is my monthly salary that I just gave away.  Steam just went and blocked the game and that's it, blocked all my games. Steam believes, that can to do all that it wanted. Now steam puts in the frame of all who they do not like. Aren't players supposed to decide what's good and what's bad? Please spread the news, tell us about your opinion. Are we prepared to tolerate this? Do we need games where there is no humor, jokes. Couples with ordinary people earn and cheat them

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Steam decided that this game is bad. He's blocked everything I have. The money I borrowed from relatives, they also will not return. No money, no games. Steam believes that can to do all that pleases. It's a huge Corporation that thinks it's God.

That's...that's just wrong. Not even a damn refund? Even partial?

You've spoken with a human from Steam yet?

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The "steam" without warning, he blocked me. Every day he asked to change something in the game, I did it all as they say. I fixed it, and they totally blocked me out. Then why was I wasting my time? I've wasted my time. "Steam" does not talk to those who block


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With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


That was a wonderful experience darling, loved every bit of it.

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